New Issue: Virginia Journal of International Law

New Issue: Virginia Journal of International Law

The latest issue of the Virginia Journal of International Law (Vol. 56, no. 2, Fall 2016) is out. Contents include:

  • Adam S. Chilton & Eric A. Posner, The Influence of History on States’ Compliance with Human Rights Obligations
  • John D. Ciorciari & Anne Heindel, Victim Testimony in International and Hybrid Criminal Courts: Narrative Opportunities, Challenges, and Fair Trial Demands
  • Nienke Grossman, Shattering the Glass Ceiling in International Adjudication
  • William Partlett, The Elite Threat to Constitutional Transitions
  • Responses
    • Kevin L. Cope & Cosette D. Creamer, Disaggregating the Human Rights Treaty Regime
    • Yonatan Lupu, Explaining Human Rights Abuses: Comparing Contemporary Factors and Historical Factors
    • Mila Versteeg, History, Geography, and Rights: A Response to Chilton and Posner

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