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New Issue: Review of International Studies

New Issue: Review of International Studies

The latest issue of the Review of International Studies (Vol. 36, no. 3, July 2010) is out. Contents include:

  • Jean-François Drolet, Containing the Kantian revolutions: a theoretical analysis of the neo-conservative critique of global liberal governance
  • David Bach, Varieties of cooperation: the domestic institutional roots of global governance
  • Peter Romaniuk, Institutions as swords and shields: multilateral counter-terrorism since 9/11
  • Karthika Sasikumar, State agency in the time of the global war on terror: India and the counter-terrorism regime
  • Beth Elise Whitaker, Compliance among weak states: Africa and the counter-terrorism regime
  • Tim Jacoby, Turkey and Europe: culture, capital and corruption
  • Edward Lock, Refining strategic culture: return of the second generation
  • Shaun Breslin, Comparative theory, China, and the future of East Asian regionalism(s)
  • Philippe de Lombaerde, Fredrik Söderbaum, Luk van Langenhove, & Francis Baert, The problem of comparison in comparative regionalism
  • Xinning Song, European ‘models’ and their implications to China: internal and external perspectives

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