International Studies Quarterly – Volume 63, Issue 3, September 2019

International Studies Quarterly

Volume 63, Issue 3, September 2019

ISSN: 0020-8833, EISSN: 1468-2478

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) is the flagship journal of the International Studies Association. It seeks to publish leading scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, empirical, and normative subjects in international studies. More detailed information about the journal’s guidelines and policies is available here.


Theorizing the Judicialization of International Relations
Karen J Alter, Emilie M Hafner-Burton, Laurence R Helfer

Words Matter: How WTO Rulings Handle Controversy
Marc L Busch, Krzysztof J Pelc

Rational Remedies: The Role of Opinion Clarity in the Inter-American Human Rights System
Jeffrey K Staton, Alexia Romero

Split Vision: Multidimensionality in the European Union’s Legal Policy Space
Olof Larsson, Daniel Naurin

The Strength of Weak Review: National Courts, Interpretive Canons, and Human Rights Treaties
Yonatan Lupu, Pierre-Hugues Verdier, Mila Versteeg

The Dejudicialization of International Politics?
Daniel Abebe, Tom Ginsburg

Track-Change Diplomacy: Technology, Affordances, and the Practice of International Negotiations
Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Alena Drieschova

Fields of Practice: Symbolic Binding and the Qing Defense of Sinocentric Diplomacy
David E Banks

Tracing the Legacy: China’s Historical Aid and Contemporary Investment in Africa
Pippa Morgan, Yu Zheng

David and Goliath? Small Developing Countries, Large Emerging Markets, and South-South Preferential Trade Agreements
Daniela Donno, Nita Rudra

The Political Economy of Financial Reform: de Jure Liberalization vs. de Facto Implementation
Witold J Henisz, Edward D Mansfield

Are the Contents of International Treaties Copied and Pasted? Evidence from Preferential Trade Agreements
Todd Allee, Manfred Elsig

War as Symbolic Politics
Stuart J Kaufman

Blue Helmets, Red Flags: Institutional, Societal, and Military Determinants of Peacekeeping Abuses
Marisella Rodriguez, Brandon J Kinne

Power Sharing and the Rule of Law in the Aftermath of Civil War
Caroline A Hartzell, Matthew Hoddie

The Risks of Election Observation: International Condemnation and Post-Election Violence
Inken von Borzyskowski

Investigating “Missing” Women: Gender, Ghosts, and the Bosnian Peace Process
Laura McLeod

Proximities of Violence: Civil Order Beyond Governance Institutions
Sarah G Phillips

Competitive Intervention, Protracted Conflict, and the Global Prevalence of Civil War
Noel Anderson

Rival Visions of Parsimony
Seva Gunitsky

Legitimation Strategies in International Hierarchies
Joseph MacKay

Economic Crisis, Natural Resources, and Irregular Leader Removal in Autocracies
Suthan Krishnarajan

Building Trust: The Effect of US Troop Deployments on Public Opinion in Peru
Michael E Flynn, Carla Martinez Machain, Alissandra T Stoyan

Opinion-Formation and Issue-Framing Effects of Russian News in Kyrgyzstan
Hannah S Chapman, Theodore P Gerber

Response to Mark Bell’s “Defending the Acquisition-Use Presumption in Assessing the Likelihood of Nuclear Terrorism”
Christopher McIntosh, Ian Storey

Defending the “Acquisition-Use Presumption” in Assessing the Likelihood of Nuclear Terrorism
Mark S Bell

Erratum: Altering Capabilities or Imposing Costs? Intervention Strategy and Civil War Outcomes
Benjamin T Jones

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