European Papers – Vol. 4, 2019, No 1

European Papers

Vol. 4, 2019, No 1

ISSN: 2499-8249 (Online Journal), ISSN: 2499-7498 (Website)

Cuadernos Europeos es la expresión de un proyecto cultural que proporciona un lugar de reflexión sobre la integración europea entendida como medio de construir una nueva comunidad política.

Cuadernos Europeos se concibe, por tanto, como un instrumento de reflexión y debate sobre el proceso de integración jurídica, sus causas, su funcionamiento y sus vínculos con otros fenómenos sociales. Su misión es prestar atención a todas las formas de integración europea y sus trascendentales implicaciones. Esta reflexión requiere establecer un diálogo más amplio entre la experiencia jurídica y otras formas de integración de las sociedades europeas a través de instrumentos económicos, sociales y culturales. 


The 2019 Elections and the Future Role of the European Parliament: Upsetting the Institutional Balance?

Special Section – The Achmea Case Between International Law and European Union Law edited by Ségolène Barbou des Places, Emanuele Cimiotta and Juan Santos Vara

Ségolène Barbou des Places, Emanuele Cimiotta, Juan Santos Vara, Achmea Between the Orthodoxy of the Court of Justice and Its Multi-faceted Implications: An Introduction

Ivana Damjanovic and Nicolas de Sadeleer, I Would Rather Be a Respondent State Before a Domestic Court in the EU than Before an International Investment Tribunal

Sonsoles Centeno Huerta and Nicolaj Kuplewatzky, On Achmea, the Autonomy of Union Law, Mutual Trust and what Lies Ahead

Christina Eckes, Some Reflections on Achmea’s Broader Consequences for Investment Arbitration

Quentin Declève, Achmea: Consequences on Applicable Law and ISDS Clauses in Extra-EU BITs and Future EU Trade and Investment Agreements

Mauro Gatti, Opinion 1/17 in Light of Achmea: Chronicle of an Opinion Foretold?

Special Section – Regulatory Competition in the EU: Foundations, Tools and Implications edited by Francesco Costamagna

Francesco Costamagna, Introduction

Agustín José Menéndez, The False Commodity in the European Game of Legal Chairs: Between the Ideal of Regulatory Competition and the Practice of Capitalism Triumphant

Christian Joerges, Sociological Shortcomings and Normative Deficits of Regulatory Competition

Maurizio Ferrera, Loyalty Matters: The Delicate Balance Between Jurisdictional Competition and Political Order

Francesco Costamagna, At the Roots of Regulatory Competition in the EU: Cross-border Movement of Companies as a Way to Exercise a Genuine Economic Activity or just Law Shopping?

Francesco Munari, Do Environmental Rules and Standards Affect Firms’ Competitive Ability?

Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel, Regulating Tax Competition in the Internal Market: Is the European Commission Finally Changing Course?

Solidarity and Conflict
Elise Muir, Institutionalising Solidarity: A Genuine Challenge for Europe

Pietro Masala and Fernando Valdés Dal-Ré, The Future of Social Europe and of European Integration at a Crossroads: How Can We Recover and Enforce Solidarity as a Fundamental Principle of European Constitutional Law (or Die)?

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