Eslava, Fakhri, & Nesiah: Bandung, Global History, and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures

Eslava, Fakhri, & Nesiah: Bandung, Global History, and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures

Luis Eslava (Univ. of Kent – Law), Michael Fakhri (Univ. of Oregon – Law) & Vasuki Nesiah (New York Univ.) have published Bandung, Global History, and International Law: Critical Pasts and Pending Futures (Cambridge Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:

  • Luis Eslava, Michael Fakhri, & Vasuki Nesiah, The Spirit of Bandung
  • B.S. Chimni, Anti-Imperialism: Then and Now
  • Rose Sydney Parfitt, Newer Is Truer: Time, Space, and Subjectivity at the Bandung Conference
  • Fredrik Petersson, From Versailles to Bandung: The Interwar Origins of Anticolonialism
  • Samera Esmeir, Bandung: Reflections on the Sea, the World, and Colonialism 81
  • Mohammad Shahabuddin, Nationalism, Imperialism, and Bandung: Nineteenth-Century Japan as a Prelude
  • Adil Hasan Khan, Ghostly Visitations: “Questioning Heirs” and the Tragic Tasks of Narrating Bandung Futures
  • Ibrahim J. Gassama, Bandung 1955: The Deceit and the Conceit
  • Vik Kanwar, Not a Place, but a Project: Bandung, TWAIL, and the Aesthetics of Thirdness
  • Katharine McGregor & Vannessa Hearman, Challenging the Lifeline of Imperialism: Reassessing Afro-Asian Solidarity and Related Activism in the Decade 1955–1965
  • Chen Yifeng, Bandung, China, and the Making of World Order in East Asia
  • Boris N. Mamlyuk, Decolonization as a Cold War Imperative: Bandung and the Soviets
  • Akbar Rasulov, Central Asia as an Object of Orientalist Narratives in the Age of Bandung
  • Liliana Obregón, Latin America during the Bandung Era: Anti-Imperialist Movements vs. Anti-Communist States
  • John Reynolds, Peripheral Parallels? Europe’s Edges and the World of Bandung 247
  • Germán Medardo Sandoval Trigo, The Bandung Conference and Latin America: A Decolonial Dialogue with Oscar Correas
  • Zoran Oklopcic, A Triple Struggle: Nonalignment, Yugoslavia, and National, Social, and Geopolitical Emancipation
  • Umut Özsu, “Let Us First of All Have Unity among Us”: Bandung, International Law, and the Empty Politics of Solidarity
  • Ratna Kapur, The Colonial Debris of Bandung: Equality and Facilitating the Rise of the Hindu Right in India
  • Cyra Akila Choudhury, From Bandung 1955 to Bangladesh 1971: Postcolonial SelfDetermination and Third World Failures in South Asia
  • Mai Taha, Reimagining Bandung for Women at Work in Egypt: Law and the Woman between the Factory and the “Social Factory”
  • Luwam Dirar, Rethinking the Concept of Colonialism in Bandung and Its African Union Aftermath
  • Sylvia Wairimu Kang’ara, China and Africa: Development, Land, and the Colonial Legacy
  • Noha Aboueldahab, Bandung’s Legacy for the Arab Spring
  • Rebecca LaForgia, Applying the Memory of Bandung: Lessons from Australia’s Negative Case Study
  • Fabia Fernandes Carvalho Veçoso, Bandung in the Shadow: The Brazilian Experience
  • Hani Sayed, The Humanization of the Third World 431
  • Aziza Ahmed, Bandung’s Legacy: Solidarity and Contestation in Global Women’s Rights
  • Karin Mickelson & Usha Natarajan, Reflections on Rhetoric and Rage: Bandung and Environmental Injustice
  • Priya S. Gupta, From Statesmen to Technocrats to Financiers: Development Agents in the Third World
  • Julio Faundez, Between Bandung and Doha: International Economic Law and Developing Countries
  • Obiora Chinedu Okafor, The Bandung Ethic and International Human Rights Praxis: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Antony Anghie, Bandung and the Origins of Third World Sovereignty
  • Sundhya Pahuja, Letters from Bandung: Encounters with Another International Law
  • Charlotte Peevers, Altering International Law: Nasser, Bandung, and the Suez Crisis
  • Nahed Samour, Palestine at Bandung: The Longwinded Start of a Reimagined International Law
  • Anthony Paul Farley, “Must Have Been Love”: The Nonaligned Future of A Warm December
  • Arif Havas Oegroseno, The Bandung Declaration in the Twenty-First Century: Are We There Yet?
  • Hengameh Saberi, Virtue Pedagogy and International Law Teaching
  • Partha Chatterjee, The Legacy of Bandung

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