New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (Vol. 62, no. 1, January 2018) is out. Contents include:

  • Benjamin J. Appel, In the Shadow of the International Criminal Court: Does the ICC Deter Human Rights Violations?
  • Thomas Zeitzoff, Does Social Media Influence Conflict? Evidence from the 2012 Gaza Conflict
  • Oliver Kaplan & Enzo Nussio, Explaining Recidivism of Ex-combatants in Colombia
  • Michaela Mattes, “Chipping Away at the Issues” Piecemeal Dispute Resolution and Territorial Conflict
  • Nizan Feldman & Tal Sadeh, War and Third-party Trade
  • Sandra Penic, Guy Elcheroth, & Dario Spini, When Is Collective Exposure to War Events Related to More Acceptance of Collective Guilt?
  • Christoph Mikulaschek & Jacob N. Shapiro, Lessons on Political Violence from America’s Post–9/11 Wars
  • Jóhanna K. Birnir, David D. Laitin, Jonathan Wilkenfeld, David M. Waguespack, Agatha S. Hultquist, & Ted R. Gurr, Introducing the AMAR (All Minorities at Risk) Data

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