New Issue: International Relations

New Issue: International Relations

The latest issue of International Relations (Vol. 31, no. 3, September 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • William Bain & Terry Nardin, International relations and intellectual history
  • Chris Brown, Political Thought, International Relations theory and International Political Theory: an interpretation
  • Ian Hall, The history of international thought and International Relations theory: from context to interpretation
  • Richard Devetak, ‘The battle is all there is’: philosophy and history in International Relations theory
  • Jennifer Pitts, International relations and the critical history of International Law
  • Sinja Graf, ‘A wrong done to mankind’: colonial perspectives on the notion of universal crime
  • David C Hendrickson, American diplomatic history and international thought: a constitutional perspective
  • Edward Keene, International intellectual history and International Relations: contexts, canons and mediocrities
  • Terry Nardin, Kant’s republican theory of justice and international relations

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