New Issue: Questions of International Law

New Issue: Questions of International Law

The latest issue of Questions of International Law / Questioni di Diritto Internazionale (no. 40, 2017) is out. Contents include:
  • The advent of the Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals and the future of (ad hoc) international criminal justice: Questions of legality, efficiency, and fairness
    • Introduced by Maurizio Arcari and Micaela Frulli
    • Alexandre Skander Galand, Was the Residual Mechanism’s creation falling squarely within the Chapter VII power of the Security Council?
    • Andrea Carcano, Of efficiency and fairness in the administration of international justice: Can the Residual Mechanism provide adequately reasoned judgments?
    • Yvonne McDermott, Fairness before the Mechanism for the International Criminal Tribunals

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