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Schabas & Murphy: Research Handbook on International Courts and Tribunals

William A. Schabas (Middlesex Univ. – Law; Leiden Univ. – Law) & Shannonbrooke Murphy (Middlesex Univ. – Law) have published Research Handbook on International Courts and Tribunals (Edward Elgar Publishing 2017). Contents include:
  • William A Schabas, Introduction
  • Mónica Pinto, The Peace and Security Judgments: The Role of the International Court of Justice in the Regulation of the Use of Force
  • Dinah Shelton, The Human Rights Judgments: The Jurisprudence of Regional Human Rights Tribunals – Lex Specialis or Lex Regionis?
  • Nicolaos Strapatsas, The International Criminal Judgments: From Nuremberg to Tadić to Taylor
  • Makane Moïses Mbengue, The Economic Judgments and Arbitral Awards: The Contribution of International Courts and Tribunals to the Development of International Economic Law
  • Joseph Powderly & Jacob Chylinski, The Women Judges: Leading the Line in the Development of International Law
  • Liliana Obregón, The Third World Judges: Neutrality, Bias or Activism at the Permanent Court of International Justice and International Court of Justice?
  • Giulia Pecorella, The Giants of the International Judiciary: Towards a Humanization of the Law of Nations
  • Yvonne Mcdermott Rees & Wedad Elmaalul, Legitimacy
  • Luiz Eduardo Salles, Jurisdiction
  • Richard Frimpong Oppong & Angela M Barreto, Enforcement
  • Karin Oellers-Frahm, Proliferation
  • Michelle Farrell, Distribution
  • Tom Dannenbaum, Regulation of the International Bench
  • Kate Gibson, John Jones, Michael G. Karnavas & Melinda Taylor, Regulation of the International Bar: The Particular Challenges for Defence Counsel at the International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
  • Maria Varaki, Infrastructure
  • Yaël Ronen, Functions and Access

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