New Issue: Human Rights Quarterly

New Issue: Human Rights Quarterly

The latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (Vol. 39, no. 1, February 2017) is out. Contents include:

  • Geoff Dancy & Christopher J. Fariss, Rescuing Human Rights Law from International Legalism and Its Critics
  • Chelsea Lee & Robert L. Ostergard, Jr., Measuring Discrimination Against LGBTQ People: A Cross-National Analysis
  • Payam Akhavan, Is Grassroots Justice a Viable Alternative to Impunity? The Case of the Iran People’s Tribunal
  • Andrea Schapper, Children’s Rights Implementation as Multi-Level Governance Process
  • Vincenzo Ferrone, The Rights of History: Enlightenment and Human Right
  • Rowland Brucken, Conservative at Birth: The Creation and Paradoxes of United States Human Rights Policy During World War II
  • Courtney Hillebrecht & Scott Straus, Who Pursues the Perpetrators? State Cooperation with the ICC
  • Francesca Laguardia, Deterring Torture: The Preventative Power of Criminal Law and Its Promise for Inhibiting State Abuses

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