New Volume: Spanish Yearbook of International Law

New Volume: Spanish Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the Spanish Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 19, 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • The Classics’ Corner
    • Oriol Casanovas y La Rosa, A debate over International Economic Law: The discussion between Adolfo Miaja de la Muela and Mariano Aguilar Navarro in 1971/72
  • General Articles
    • Nuria González Martín, Non Exceptional Exceptions: The Latest on The United State of America and Mexico Supreme Courts’ Hague Abduction Decisions (Lozano and Direct Amparo under Revision 903/2014)
    • José Martín y Pérez de Nanclares, Legal considerations regarding a hypothetical unilateral declaration of independence by Catalonia: a legally unfeasible political scenario
    • José Manuel Sobrino Heredia & Gabriela A. Oanta, The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements of the European Union and the Objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy : Fisheries and/or Development?
    • Ana Peyró Llopis, Building a Security Council Resolution: When Numbers on Illicit Activities Matter
  • Forum: As time goes by: Spain in the UN at 60s and EU at 30s!
    • Xavier Pons Rafols, Spain in the United Nations: Sixtieth Anniversary
    • Francisco Aldecoa Luzárraga, Spain’s contribution to the advancement and consolidation of the European political union
  • Agora: The extraterritorial application of EU Law
    • Montserrat Abad Castelos & Laura Carballo Piñeiro, An introduction by the guest co-editors of the Agora
    • Carmen Pérez González, On Transparency, Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption: Some Lessons (and Questions) from an International Law Perspective
    • María Asunción Cebrian Salvat, The Extraterritorial Application of European Contract Law
    • Marta Ortega Gómez, European Union Intellectual Property Standards in the Framework of the ongoing Negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and India
    • Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves, The extraterritorial application of the EU Directive on data protection
    • Yi-Hsuan Chen, The EU Data Protection Law Reform: Challenges for Service Trade Liberalization and Possible Approaches for Harmonizing Privacy Standards into the Context of GATS
    • Mistale Taylor, Flying from the EU to the US: necessary extraterritorial legal diffusion in the US-EU Passenger Name Record agreement
    • Martyna Kusak, The Standards for Protection of Financial Information Gathered Within EU-US Cooperation in Criminal Matters. An Outline of the Existing Legal Framework and New Initiatives in Personal Data Protection
    • Nesrin Suleiman, Concentrations between Non-European Enterprises and the European Merger Control Regulation
    • Ricardo Pereira, The External Dimensions of the EU Legislative Initiatives to Combat Environmental Crime
    • Nelson F. Coelho, Extraterritoriality from the Port: EU’s approach to jurisdiction over ship-source pollution

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