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Russia’s Arctic Policy

Russia’s Arctic PolicyThe maritime border delimitation deal between Russia and Norway sensationally announced by President Dmitri Medvedev in Oslo on 27 April 2010 and signed in Murmansk on 15 September 2010 warrants a re-appraisal of Russia’s Arctic policy. Moscow’s policy is shaped by a dynamic interplay of poorly compatible Russian …

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General Treaty for the Renunciation of War (Kellogg-Briand Pact)

Treaty between the United States and other Powers providing for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy. Signed at Paris, August 27, 1928; ratification advised by the Senate, January 16, 1929; ratified by the President, January 17, 1929; instruments of ratification deposited at Washington by the United …

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Nordic Convention on the Protection of the Environment

The Governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, convinced of the urgent need to protect and improve the environment, have agreed as follows: Article 1 For the purpose of this Convention environmentally harmful activities shall mean the discharge from the soil or from buildings or installations of solid or liquid …

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